Stormy is a full body silicone babygirl brought out in a Limited Edition of 15-20 pieces worldwide.

She is poured in soft Ecoflex 20, in one piece, so no ball jointed head.

Her size is 46cm (18.4") with bent legs and her weight is 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs).

Stormy can be ordered as a completed baby, handpainted and finely handrooted by me.

The Edition is open for ordering now, spaces are limited.


Silicone Dolls


Limited Edition of 20 pieces worldwide.
Bobby is a partial silicone baby with full limbs and a soft matching cloth body.
He's poured in soft Ecoflex 30 and can be ordered either as little boy or girl.
Available as a complete baby, handpainted and finely handrooted by me, or as a blank silicone kit.

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Limited Edition / Sold out


Limited Edition / Sold out


Limited Edition / Sold out


Limited Edition / Sold out